Concierge Care for Women

The care for women should be advanced and elevated with the changes in technology and medicine. Our group is at the forefront of women’s healthcare and wants to take it to the next level. We believe by going the extra mile, our patient’s health and wellbeing will continue to improve. In a complicated medical world where appointments can be challenging to get and often feel rushed, we want to continue providing high-level patient centered care. We want to take care of you.

To offer individualized healthcare based on patient desires and needs, where insurance does not drive the conversation, at Climax Aesthetic Surgery, we use a concierge health care model. Our system of care gives our patients access to our practice without deductibles or copays. We provide transparent billing with no hidden fees. 

Insurance is not required, and each patient member is guaranteed customized care with appointments detailed to their specific needs. Our technologically advanced systems will allow for 24-hour contact with our practice via appointment, text, phone, or video conferencing.  

Can you still be seen in our office if you have health insurance? Can you use your Health Savings Account (HSA)? Yes, to all!  If you have insurance and want to use your benefits, no problem! For our members, at the end of your visit, we’re happy to submit your bill to your insurance company to expedite their reimbursement to you. 

Not ready for the full membership? Non-membership Women’s Wellness appointments are also available.