What is a concierge/boutique medicine?

It is a medical care model designed to cater to a limited number of members/patients. We are available for women’s primary care services, gynecology services, weight management services, office based surgical services, and urgent medical needs.

How are EvoScient and Climax Aesthetic Surgery related?

As of January 1, 2023, EvoScient Gynecology reopened into Climax Aesthetic Surgery (CAS).

What services do you provide?

We provide health maintenance services including but not limited to female focused primary care, mental health care, and yearly well women’s examinations with recommended labs. We provide care for gynecological conditions including but not limited to contraception, fibroids, abnormal pap smears, heavy periods, and pelvic pain. We provide medical weight management services to women and men.

Do you take insurance?

We do not take insurance. Your fee covers your visit. In addition to other forms of payment, a Health Savings Account can be used to pay for membership fees, visit costs, and/or any other in-office charges. A detailed invoice outlining services received will provided to you in the form of a superbill. This superbill can be submitted to your insurance company for you to receive reimbursement on certain payments. We will walk you through and assist you with this process.

What are out-of-network benefits?

Out-of-network benefits describes how an insurance company handles payments to health care providers that do not participate in their plans. Description of these benefits are listed on insurance plans, and we encourage patients with health insurance to talk with their insurance company to receive more information. If you have insurance, organizations like thesuperbill.com can also help you understand your out-of-network benefits and help you navigate/keep track of your submitted superbill.

How do I sign up?

You can sign up by scheduling an appointment online, calling our office at (757) 916-5348, or sending an email to info@helloclimax.com

What is the cost?

Same household family discounts available if multiple members sign up.

Individual services per visit (Non-Membership):
New Patient Visit: $450
Return Patient Visit: $350

How can I cancel?

Membership is month to month. Cancellation can occur anytime with 30 days prior notice.

What are your office hour?

Our hours are Mon-Friday 9am-5pm. After hours and weekend availability are dependent on need.

Do you offer virtual visits?

Yes, virtual visits are offered.

Can I get referrals to specialists?

Yes. We are able to refer to a number of specialists in the area, dependent on need.

Do you prescribe medical cannabis?

Yes. We are registered practitioners for medical cannabis.

Do you have ultrasound onsite?

Yes, we have ultrasound services on-site.

Do you have labs onsite?

Yes, we have on-site labs services including blood draws.

Can I use my insurance for lab fees and prescriptions?

Yes to both! Members receive one set of annual labs for free, as part of their membership package. Annual labs can include a pap smear, STD testing, and/or basic blood work. All other labs for Members and any labs ordered for Non-Members can be billed directly to the patient (from the laboratory at a reduced rate) or billed to the patient’s insurance company. As always, the level of insurance coverage for labs and prescriptions is dependent on the designated insurance plan. Please contact your insurance company for specific information concerning your lab and prescription medication coverage.

Can I use my insurance for imaging orders sent to outside imaging facilities?

Yes! As always, the level of insurance coverage for imaging is dependent on the designated plan. Please contact your insurance company for specific information concerning your imaging coverage.

What ages of patients do you see?

We care for women through all stages of life from late adolescent to postmenopausal age.

Do you have medication on site?

Yes, we carry certain prescriptive medications at our facility. We also prescribe medications as needed.

How can I access the patient portal?

You can access your patient portal by downloading our electronic medical records application from your app store: Symplast Patient. Once you make an appointment, a unique code will be made available to you to activate your portal.

What Climax Aesthetic Surgery Service discounts are included in my membership fee?

Upon signing up for Membership, you will receive $50 a month in Climax Cash and 5% off on all Climax Aesthetic Surgery Services. Climax Cash cannot be applied towards Skin Care Products or any other membership. Climax Cash is not additive and does not accrue. Membership discounts exclude the following: Biote/Bioidential Hormone Pellet Therapy, Injectables (botulinum toxin and fillers), other membership services, and Skin Care Products.