All About The Procedures

To all patients- as you enter this journey, there are a few pearls of wisdom I would like to provide you. My advice meant to help you along your journey.

~ Dr Ojo-Carons

All treatments carry uncertainty and risks

Intimate Wellness treatments are normally safe when performed by qualified aesthetic doctors. Nevertheless, as with any treatments, there is always a possibility of complications, including bruising and/or infection. You can reduce your risks by closely following my advice both before and after treatment.

Planning your treatments

It’s important to conduct your own research into the treatments and what they entail before your initial consultation. This way, you can prepare questions for me to ensure you receive all the advice you need. After your examination and based on your medical history, medication and overall health, we can decide which treatments are suitable for you. In your initial consultation, it’s important to discuss your expectations frankly and to listen to my opinion.

I will discuss the variables that may affect the treatments: such as your age, medical illnesses and social habits. I will describe the treatments in detail, explaining their risks and limitations. When you make the decision to proceed with treatment you will receive documentation from my assistant to help prepare you for your treatments both before and after.

Before Treatment

  • •Schedule and complete any pre-operative tests requested.
  • •For female patients, you should have a recent Pap Smear and vaginal examination by your gynecologist or primary care physician prior to treatment.
  • •For male patients, you should have a recent PSA and penile examination by your Urologist or primary care physician prior to treatment.
  • •Stop taking aspirin, anti-inflammatories, herbal medicine, diet pills, etc. (2 weeks before).
  • •Hair should be shaved/clipped in the treatment area the day prior to the procedure.
  • •The hair should not be waxed or chemically removed.
  • •Start taking any medication(s) prescribed by me 2 days prior to treatment

Informed Consent

Ensure that you are comfortable and understand the treatments to be performed. You should be clear on the outcome, duration of recovery, side effects and risks. If not ask!

Day Of Treatment

Take normal daily medication e.g. blood pressure, diabetic, antidepressants. Wear comfortable loose-fitting clothes with easy to slip on flat shoes.

After Treatment

  • •After the treatment you may apply a water based lubricant or Ecarin Aquaphor.
  • •Gently cleanse the area with mild cleanser and water twice per day.
  • •Adequate hydration with water is necessary after treatment.
  • •Avoid the use of NSAIDs or any antiinflammatory medication as instructed after procedure.
  • •Do Not Smoke
  • •Participation in sexual intercourse (for women:  anything placed into the vagina including tampons) is to proceed as instructed after procedure.
  • •Tub baths, Jacuzzi’s, or swimming allowed only as instructed after procedure

Failure to adhere to these instructions may lead to complications and jeopardize the results of your treatment.

Why Choose Us

 Dr Ojo-Carons and her team of specialists have all the expertise required to complete Intimate Wellness treatments with maximum effect. As a team of clinicians focused on Intimate Wellness, you can count on us to broach the subject of your treatments with a high level of understanding and insight.

Your New Look

Your satisfaction with Intimate Wellness treatments is likely to be greater if you understand them thoroughly and if your expectations are realistic. The important thing is how you feel about it. If you’ve met your goals, then your treatments are a success.