Every woman’s body is different so there is no ideal labia shape. It’s not uncommon for women to have labia that are asymmetrical. When this happens, it can greatly detract from a woman’s self-confidence and impact her fulfillment during sexual experiences. There is a way to correct labial asymmetry through a procedure known as labiaplasty.

Labiaplasty is a surgery where excess tissue can be removed and the labia reshaped so they are the same size. A labiaplasty can also reduce the size of the labia if they are too large. Common problems with the labia can include:

  • Asymmetrical labia minora, which is when one lip is larger, thicker, or longer.
  • Long labia minora, which is when the inner lips hang down past the outer lips.
  • Long labia majora, which is when the outer lips hang down in folds of loose skin.
  • Curving labia majora, which is when the outer lips curve to expose the labia minora.
  • During a labiaplasty, anesthesia is used to make sure you don’t feel anything during the procedure. Next, while asleep the surgery continues either by the trimming or cutting away of excess tissue from the labia. In some cases, the skin can then be sewn back together, but in others, a pie-shaped piece may be cut away to change how the labia hangs. Once the trimming is complete, the incision is sewn up with sutures so healing can begin.

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