PRO-NOX - Urology Clinics of North Texas

ProNox is a device that administers “laughing gas” in an inhaled mixture of 50% Oxygen and 50% Nitrous Oxide. The device is used to reduce anxiety and discomfort during in-office procedures, and it can be used in conjunction with local anesthesia. It is inhaled using a mouthpiece, delivered to the lungs, and then exhaled. It does not cause people to fall asleep. Instead people are awake during their procedure, but they have very little anxiety or discomfort. During the procedure, you would take several breaths through the device and feel the relaxing effects in less than a minute, and these effects would last throughout the duration of your procedure. If you start feeling anxious or uncomfortable, you would inform the team, who would take a break for a few seconds while you take several more breaths. Once you reach the perfect state of relaxation the procedure would resume. In this way, it is controlled and regulated by the patient, in order to achieve the optimal level of relaxation for each specific person.

Which procedures can be done with ProNox?

Pronox can be used with a variety of procedures at Climax Aesthetic Surgery.  It can be used with simple procedures such as botox and filler injections, as well as skin resurfacing treatments, including laser resurfacing, chemical peels, and micro-needling.  It can also be used with more involved procedures such as the o-shot, hair rejuvenation injections, and vaginal surgery, amongst others.

Is ProNox Safe?

Nitrous Oxide has been used safely for decades during dental procedures, and is frequently termed “laughing gas”. It is a non-addictive, non-sedating, and not messy. When used occasionally for medical purposes, it is not thought to have any long-term side effects. For example, this system is currently being used in labor and delivery units, without any adverse effects for mother or newborn. Some short-term side effects include headache, nausea, or a room spinning sensation. Fortunately these effects are uncommon, mild and short-lived. One of the benefits of this system is a rapid onset of action, which means that it takes effect quickly. Similarly, once the procedure is finished, its effect wears off within minutes.

Why Choose ProNox?

Sometimes people are very interested in a procedure, but are dissuaded by a fear of needles, a fear of discomfort, or a fear of medical offices in general.  With ProNox, these fears don’t seem so big.  Often one of the most unsettling things about surgery is a fear of general anesthesia.  Similarly, some people cannot undergo general anesthesia due to medical problems.  ProNox is one way to avoid general anesthesia for certain procedures.  ProNox also helps avoid other shortcomings of general anesthesia such as grogginess, GI upset, downtime, expense and inconvenience.  Because its effects wear off so quickly, people may drive themselves to and from their procedure.  And perhaps most importantly, ProNox is patient- controlled.  This means that you have control over your level of relaxation during the procedure, so you can be as alert or relaxed as desired.

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