They say you are what you eat and what you put in your body impacts what you get out of it. Your food and the supplements you take have a direct impact on your libido, sexual stamina, and overall wellbeing. Too much of some foods, like simple carbs and fats, can have a negative impact on your hormones and sex drive, affecting your performance in the bedroom. Others have the opposite effect, they promote sexual health and improve your endurance. Diets rich in omega-3 essential fatty acids, vitamin E, B-complex vitamins, l-citrulline and other essential nutrients can improve libido, heighten satisfaction, and enhance the performance of Hormone Therapy.

Although supplements do not replace a healthy diet, at Climax Aesthetic Surgery, we encourage pairing the use of Biote Nutraceticals and EvoScient Supplements with all treatment procedures and treatment plans. To encourage, health cell turnover, tissue regeneration, and healing, the quality of your food and supplements matters.

Biote Nutracetucals can be purchased in our office or through the link below. EvoScient Supplements are available in our office.