Hair loss is a common condition affecting men and women of all ages. Because we don’t see our scalps as we age, one tends to wait for more advanced signs of scalp aging, like hair loss and thinning before we act. Often patients complain of hair loss when it is too late. To prevent hair loss we should be focusing on the anti-aging of our scalps from a much younger age.

One’s hair is one’s crowning glory and there are treatments to help preserve a healthy head of hair. One of the new revolutionary treatments in hair wellness is PRP (platelet rich plasma) treatments, which helps to stimulate new hair growth without surgery or chemicals. You will start seeing an improvement in your hair growth after just one session of Scalp PRP Injections. The regenerative cells require 30 – 60 days to rejuvenate the hair follicles. The full results are therefore only visible after a few months, but you should continue to see improvements as the hair continues to grow.

For optimal results in patients already demonstrating mild hair loss, 2 – 3 treatments at monthly intervals are recommended. Scalp PRP or Hair Wellness Injections do not replace hair transplant surgery and will also not reverse hair loss due to medical conditions. If you suffer from the above, we will refer you to a hair loss specialist.

Recommended Treatments